Our Service

One on One Coaching

£20 / week

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What you get in return:

  • Daily access, weekly Skype call
  • Weekly updated training plan
  • Race planning
  • Nutrition advice
  • Strength and condition advice tailored for your training
  • Recovery advice
  • Healthier Lifestyle
  • Motivation

Personalized targeted programs

Set plans personalized to your needs

What you get:

  • Daily training plan for duration of program
  • Initial Skype call to discuss previous experience, current fitness and training aims
  • Mid way update Skype call
  • Advice on nutrition, recovery, strength and conditioning

Available plans:

8-week plan – £125
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– Ideal for those new to running and looking to complete a 5k or looking to lose weight.
– Also for an experienced runner looking to improve times at 5k or 10k time.
– Someone new to running looking for all around guidance

12-week Plan – £150
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– Ideal for those looking to complete in their first half marathon or experienced runners looking to improve half marathon or marathon times

16-week Plan – £200
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– Ideal for those looking to run their first marathon or for someone looking to run a half marathon with little to no running experience. The more preparation the better!
– Also great for athletes looking to improve track times in the spring and summer.
– Someone looking to loose weight

Personalized plans available – Negotiable

Any event any distance!